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Legal Notice

Legal Notice of the domain www.tucentrodemasajes.eu corresponding to JOSE ANTONIO TAMAYO , domiciled at Avenida de la Malvarrosa nº92, 1th floor 1 door, 46011Valencia.

General conditions of use of the web

JOSE ANTONIO TAMAYO  informs you that the access and use of the web page www.esteticayosteopatiamiranda.com and all the URLs, subdomains and directories included under it, as well as the services or contents that through this site can be Obtain, are subject to the terms collected and detailed in this Legal Notice, without prejudice to the fact that access to any of said services or contents may require the acceptance of general, particular or additional conditions.

Therefore, if the considerations detailed in this Legal Notice do not agree, please do not use this website, as any use made of it or the services and contents included therein, will imply acceptance of the terms Legal documents contained in the text of this Legal Notice.

Due to the very nature of the Internet, given the possibility of accessing this page from anywhere in the world, the contents, as well as the services generally offered by JOSE ANTONIO TAMAYO are aimed at clients who move in any country. Notwithstanding the foregoing, when requesting the contracting of any type of services and contents offered, JOSE ANTONIO TAMAYO reserves the right to reject the provision of services or the sending of content, in those cases it deems appropriate.

JOSE ANTONIO TAMAYO reserves the right to make changes to the web without prior notice, in order to update, correct, modify, add, cancel or delete the contents or the design of the website. The services and contents of the website may be updated periodically and due to the fact that the updating of the information is not immediate, we suggest that you always check the validity and accuracy of the information, services and contents collected here.

The conditions and terms of use contained in this Legal Notice may change, so we suggest that you review these terms when you visit the website again or request a new service. Likewise, this Legal Notice will be understood without prejudice to any other General Conditions, and particular, that regulate the access to specific goods and services within the web.

Intellectual property rights and industrial property rights

Both the design of this website, its source codes, logos, images, melodies, trademarks and other distinctive signs that appear, belong to their respective authors and are protected by the corresponding intellectual and industrial property rights.

Its use, reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation or any other similar action, is totally prohibited unless expressly authorized in writing of its creator or owner of the rights.

In any case, JOSE ANTONIO TAMAYO declares its respect for the intellectual and industrial property rights of third parties; Therefore, if you believe that this site may be in violation of your rights, please contact JOSE ANTONIO TAMAYO by completing the form below.

Links or hyperlinks

From this web site, JOSE ANTONIO TAMAYO provides or can provide you with access to other web pages that you consider may be of interest to you. The purpose of these links is merely to facilitate the search of resources that may interest you on the Internet. However, these pages do not belong to JOSE ANTONIO TAMAYO, nor does a review of its contents, therefore, it is not responsible for them, the operation of the linked page or the possible damages that may arise from access Or use of it. Likewise, JOSE ANTONIO TAMAYO is fully respectful of the intellectual or industrial property rights that correspond or may correspond to third parties, on the web pages to which the aforementioned links refer. Therefore, if you believe that the establishment of the aforementioned links may violate your rights, please contact JOSE ANTONIO TAMAYO by completing the form that you will find by clicking here.

In general, it is authorized to link web pages or e-mail addresses to the web, except for those cases in which JOSE ANTONIO TAMAYO expressly states otherwise. In addition, and in any case to understand applicable this general authorization, such links must necessarily respect the following condition: the establishment of the link will not, by itself, imply any type of agreement, contract, sponsorship or recommendation p

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Cookies policy .

Cookies policy

In compliance with Royal Decree Law 13/2012, dated March 30, amending the Law on Information Society Services, and regarding the use of cookies on Web pages; The center informs you that this website uses cookies to be able to measure and analyze the traffic of the Web, to facilitate your experience as a user and offer you a better service. If you wish you can configure your browser to be warned on the screen of the reception of cookies or to prevent the installation of the same, taking into account that this way you would no longer have access to certain functions on the Internet.

Definition and function of cookies

A cookie is a small file created by an Internet site to store information on your computer, such as preferences when visiting a website. When you access a Web page that uses cookies, it asks the browser to save one or more cookies to the hard disk.

Cookies often save settings for websites, such as your preferred language or location. Thus, when the user returns to that Web page, the browser sends back the cookies that belong to him, which allows him to provide personalized service and information according to the needs

Cookies may also store information that personally identifies users, however this website does not use this type of cookies, and will only have access to the personal information you provide through the contact forms.

You can change the cookie settings of the browser you use to allow you to automatically approve or reject requests for cookie storage when the browser is closed and other additional options.

Types of cookies used by this Web page

· Techniques

This type of cookies provides information about the user's use of the Web, such as which pages he has visited or if he has had technical problems in the accesses. These cookies do not allow you to identify them, since the information they collect is anonymous and will be used only for works to improve page design and navigation, usage statistics, etc. They allow the web to function in a more agile and adapted to the preferences of the users.

· Register

They are created when you register or when you log on as a Web user.

· Customization

They allow personalizing the functions or contents of the web site based on the data obtained from the browser.

· Session status

These cookies store the necessary information during the session and changes related to it, and also determine whether or not it is registered on the web.

· Processes

Process cookies allow the operation of the website and offer services expected by the user accessing the website such as browsing websites or accessing secure areas of the website.

List of Cookies used by the domain www.esteticayosteopatiamiranda.com:

· Technical Cookies





Session Cookie

Used to define the state of the session and to record the visitor's session, it is not intrusive or maintains its registration between visits or in different websites. Used for the purpose of managing login areas and also serves for shopping carts. It is integrated with our content manager. It remains constant during the session.


10 years

Used to check if the visitor has already been informed of the cookie policy on the web.

Cookie Revocation and Removal

You can configure your browser to allow, block, delete or disable cookies installed on your computer by configuring the browser options installed on your computer. In case you do not allow the installation of cookies in your browser you may not be able to access any of the sections or functionalities of this website.

To configure the browser, disable or manage the installation of cookies, and thus be automatically deleted once the browser, computer or device is closed, you can obtain more information by clicking on the following links that we provide, in Browser function you use:

· Google Chrome

· Mozilla Firefox

· Internet Explorer (Version 11)

· Internet Explorer (Version 10)

· Internet Explorer (Version 9)

· Internet Explorer (Version 7 & 8)

· Internet Explorer (Version 6)

· Opera

· Web Safari

· IOS Safari

In general, most browsers allow quick access to the deletion of browsing data by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + Delete key, and Cookies can be deleted.